The Best Silver shampoo’s to use for Blonde hair

Being a natural brunette I suffer with a constant struggle of how to keep my blonde hair nice and ashy. I have been blonde for over 5 years now so I feel like i have definitely tried my fair share of purple shampoos!   Bleach London This is probably my most favourite silver shampoo ever! […]


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Backpack vs Suitcase (5 min read)

This is probably the hardest decision of all, it is all down to personal preference and where in the world you are travelling too. Everyone gets this idea in their head that just because you are backpacking across the world that you MUST take a backpack with you. This is definitely not the case. Since […]

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Top 10 Things to Do in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of those places that many people skip when visiting Australia and they usually head straight to Sydney. Melbourne is definitely somewhere you should not miss, you still get to see beautiful beaches, an array of zoo’s , wildlife sanctuary’s, amazing city views, the famous Hosier lane and even a stroll around the […]

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Travel Tips and Tricks

you havSo unfortunately this is not a topic we get taught at school & the thought of your first big travelling adventure can bring on an array of good and bad emotions because we don’t know whats in store for us. Luckily for you I have put together a few tips and tricks to make […]

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How to get a job in Australia

So the dreaded day has finally arrived! You start to run out of savings & are in desperate need to find yourself a job. Getting a job can be quite a stressful process, especially when your down to your last few pennies & the decision lays whether you need to fly back home before you […]

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The downside of long term travel.

As with everything in life, there are always pro’s and con’s, no matter how much you love something. As Cheryl Cole sung in her black hat and skimpy red jacket ‘Too much of anything can make you sick’ is actually surprisingly true. Now, I am not writing this to say how much i hate travel, but […]

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Inspirational Travel Quotes

So many people would love to have the courage to quit their day job to go travelling and see the beautiful world. I was one of those people and 6 months on I have never had a day where I have regretted my decision. I have put together my favorite travel inspirational quotes in case […]

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